intractable cryptosystem

intractable cryptosystem
стойкая криптосистема.

English-Russian cryptological dictionary . 2014.

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  • Rabin cryptosystem — The Rabin cryptosystem is an asymmetric cryptographic technique, whose security, like that of RSA, is related to the difficulty of factorization. However the Rabin cryptosystem has the advantage that the problem on which it relies has been proved …   Wikipedia

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  • Cryptovirology — is a field that studies how to use cryptography to design powerful malicious software. The field was born with the observation that public key cryptography can be used to break the symmetry between what an antivirus analyst sees regarding a virus …   Wikipedia

  • Higher residuosity problem — In cryptography most public key cryptosystems are founded on problems that are believed to be intractable. The higher residuosity problem is one such problem. This problem is easier to solve than integer factorization, so the assumption that this …   Wikipedia

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  • Computational Diffie-Hellman assumption — The computational Diffie Hellman (CDH) assumption is the assumption that a certain computational problem within a cyclic group is hard.Consider a cyclic group {mathbb G} of order q. The CDH assumption states that, given :(g,g^a,g^b) for a… …   Wikipedia

  • Rabin signature algorithm — In cryptography the Rabin Signature Scheme is a method of Digital signature originally proposed by Michael O. Rabin in 1979. The Rabin Signature Scheme was one of the first digital signature schemes proposed, and it was the first to relate the… …   Wikipedia

  • Phi-hiding assumption — The Phi Hiding assumption or Φ Hiding assumption is an assumption about the difficulty of finding small factors of φ( m ) where m is a number whose factorization is unknown, and φ is Euler s totient function. The security of many modern… …   Wikipedia

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